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Heartland Christian School

est. 1984

The First Baptist Church of Belton currently owns and operates a Christian school

which serves students from K3-12th grade.

If you would like to go to the school website to learn more about this ministry

or find out about school events or games, please click the link below.

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Our Story

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Heartland Christian School was founded in 1984, when the church was under the ministry of Pastor David L. Baker.  The school began as South Cedar Christian Academy, referencing its location on South Cedar St., but its name was changed to First Baptist Academy in 1986.  Following the church’s change of its legal name to Heartland Tabernacle: First Baptist Church of Belton, Inc. in 1988, the school went by Heartland Academy and High School until 2013, when it became known by its current name, Heartland Christian School.   

The school began by serving grades K5-8 under the direction of Roger Curvey, who continued serving the school in various capacities until his retirement in 2022.  Grades were added as students advanced, and a daycare joined the ministry in 1986; by 1997, it was serving over 100 children.  Our first senior class, which included six students, graduated in 1989 under the supervision of Allen Tippett as the principal.  The daycare closed following the economic downturn in 2008, but we reopened a preschool in 2022 to minister to K3 and K4 students and prepare them for moving into kindergarten and elementary.  Pastor Baker oversaw the school as chancellor until his death in November of 2020, and our current superintendent, Pastor Danny McCubbin, began his ministry here in May 2021.   

Our school colors have consistently included royal blue and white, with red, silver, or black being phased in and out as accent colors over the years.  The mascot for our sports program is Melvin the Mustang.  The school song is “Victory in Jesus,” which was written by E.M. Bartlett in 1939.  It is hymn 426 in the hymnal if you happen to be in the sanctuary.

This school has had its share of triumphs, trials, and everything in between, and it is important to remember where we came from and what changes we have seen.  It is even more vital that we acknowledge that in all the years of this ministry the guiding hand of God has been evident throughout.  We owe the continued existence of this ministry to His providence and look forward to learning what the Lord has in store in the coming years.

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